Schwarzkopf FibrePlex Review

This month Top Cut Hairdressing has been ordained into the ‘PLEX’ phenomenon. Our stylists have been introduced to Schwarzkopf’s FibrePlex salon and retail products and in short…WE LOVE THEM.

Salon Treatment

FibrePlex is an in-salon hair treatment that is designed to protect your hair against the damage caused from lightening, lifting and colouring. Essentially FibrePlex interlinks with hair fibres, sealing hair bonds and balancing pH levels – reducing the amount of damage caused during colouring and lightening processes.

Schwarzkopf quote staggering figures of 94% less hair breakage when using Fibreplex versus the same process without it. That seems a little technical and analytical but it does represent a serious claim – FibrePlex has revolutionised the lifting of hair colour – a process that most stylists dread! Lighten! Lift! Colour! Without Compromise – the slogan and claim that accompanies the product range.

Our Experience

Having now used FibrePlex for the last month, we agree that there is a remarkable and noticeable difference in hair quality. Our clients are also commenting on the treatment, telling us that their hair feels much better after using FibrePlex during their visit.

At £10 per treatment, we wholly recommend FibrePlex as it really does work wonders. We give it 5 Stars!

Retail Hair Care Products

Your FibrePlex treatment is complimented by a series of FibrePlex take home retail products including a Shampoo, Bond Sealer, Bond Maintainer and Bond Booster. Our Stylists will happily talk you through each of the products and how to use them at home to get the best out of the products and your hair.


FibrePlex is the strengthening treatment that hairdressers and clients have been waiting for! It sets stylists free from the fear of damaging hair during the chemical colouring process and maintains hair quality. No additional developer is required.

This is an excellent Bond Enforcing System to protect hair from breakage during the lightening, (high-)lifting or colouring process with bond creation and long-lasting colour protection

Ask your Stylist today about FibrePlex.