Client Care – Our most Important Service

Client care, ensuring that you have the best salon experience every time, is of the utmost importance to everyone associated with Top Cut Hairdressing. We take great pride in providing an unbeatable service to each and every client.

Our stylists are continually trained in delivering excellent client service and meeting your exacting requirements is an integral part of our company philosophy.

Calling the Salon

When calling Top Cut Hairdressing you should always be answered promptly by someone who talks slowly and clearly. Any information you require should be made clear and you should be greeted politely, including a fond farewell.

Entering the Salon

Upon entering a Top Cut Hairdressing Salon you should be greeted by one person. You should be asked how you would like to be addressed before being introduced to your stylist for the visit.  Your stylist will introduce themselves and gown you. You will be asked if you would like any refreshments such as a cup of Tea or coffee.

The Hair Consultation

The consultation should be thorough with your stylist asking you in-depth questions about your hair, your current regime and your visit requirements and what you would like to achieve. The Stylist should be attentive and listen to your replies.

At the Backwash

The Backwash is often the best part of the appointment. The stylist will talk only to you, telling you about products they are using on your hair and why.

The Service

During the service your stylist will talk you through what they are doing and recommend products to compliment your hair. The stylist will tell you how to recreate the look at home. Small talk will be kept to a minimum, focusing on you and your hair at all times.

The Closure

Your Top Cut stylist will always check that you are happy with the service you have received during your appointment. They will check that you are confident with repeating the style and look at home and offer any more advice you need. Your stylist will take your payment and re-book you for your next appointment. The stylist will thank-you for visiting and open the door for you.

We value your Feedback

We would like to hear from you in the unlikely event that we do not meet the high standards we set or your expectations. We strive  to improve on our already professional standard of quality. Similarly if we have met or exceeded your expectations, we’d also like to hear from you so that we can gauge where how well we are doing. Feedback can be sent to us using the contact form below. Thank you for visiting Top Cut Hairdressing.

Top Cut Hairdressing Feedback form

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